Cursed - Two CD

Cursed - Two CD

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"The quality of the work on Two, evolved or not, is beyond compare. The musical darkness that pervades the band's Entombed-style riffs even spills over into their barely-legible grey-on-black artwork, foreshadowing a uniquely heavy and visceral listening experience. Much of this effect is owed to the analog-only studio work of Ian Blurton, who co-produced the record with the band." – Exclaim!

"Cursed may very well be one of the only punk rock bands that really matter right now. Their blend of thrashy punk and sludge grew from the ashes of The Swarm, Ruination and Left For Dead, and with the release of their second album, Two, they have honed their distinctly evil sound to a jagged point." – Lambgoat

"With Two, Cursed have pulled off an impressive feat, creating an album that has the ability to appeal to both the hardcore punk crowd and the legions of stodgy, finicky metal fans. By dipping into both sides of the pool, they’ve created a surprisingly strong piece of work, one that is easily the finest metal / hardcore / whatever you want to call it album to come from north of the border in a long while. If there’s any justice in this world, Cursed in 2005 will attract as much attention as Converge did in 2004." – PopMatters

"Could very well be one of the best hardcore albums of the decade" –

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