Sonic Unyon Records was launched in 1993 and quickly carved out a reputation as scrappy and resourceful tastemakers, releasing seminal singles and albums from some of the luminaries of Canada's indie-rock galaxy. Though understandably associated with that boom, the label and its roster has evolved steadily and reinvented itself in the decades since, and over the years, Sonic Unyon has branched out in numerous ways. 

Sonic Unyon Distribution was founded in 1998 to distribute Sonic Unyon and other labels in Canada, amassing a roster that included dozens of domestic imprints as well as exclusively representing over 250 international independent labels in Canada. Sonic Unyon also ran hardcore label Goodfellow Records and the more mainstream imprint Labworks. Sonic Unyon Distribution was ultimately sold to MapleCore in 2008.

In 2009, Sonic Unyon became the organizing force behind Hamilton's free music and arts festival Supercrawl, growing it from 3,000 attendees in the first year to 250,000 by 2018 and closing down blocks of downtown Hamilton in order to host hundreds of artists. Supercrawl also presents ticketed concert events throughout the year. 

Sonic Unyon has since broadened its events-based business to include the annual Because Beer Craft Beer Festival, and the opening of their own multi-use cultural events spaces Mills Hardware and Bridgeworks — in addition to being the force behind JUNOfest 2015 and Hamilton's Pan Am Games closing events.

Sonic Unyon Records is now distributed domestically by Universal Music Canada and internationally by The Orchard, and its contemporary signings — artists such as Terra LightfootBasement Revolver, and Sam Weber — are making a strong case for another 25 years of great independent music.

In 2019, the label released Sonic Unyon: Now We Are 25, a limited-edition triple-LP celebration of its vibrant catalogue, as well as a feature-length documentary detailing Sonic Unyon Records' storied history.

In 2023, the label opened its third decade with an array of releases including Big Wreck, Danko Jones, Terra Lightfoot, Espanola, Golden Feather, LTtheMonk, and Dearly Beloved. Sonic Unyon is filling 2024 with live events and a full slate of venue bookings, with over 250 event dates in the calendar year.