LTtheMonk - Local Collab Sticker Set

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You don't want to miss this sticker set! Six vibrant 3"x4" vinyl stickers, each featuring a photo of LTtheMonk shot by Hamilton photographer Stephanie Montani, wearing an outfit from a Hamilton designer and on a background created by a Hamilton artist. Collabs include:

1. LTtheMonk x Because Design Matters x The Eye of Faith x Stephanie Montani

2. LTtheMonk x Tessa Presta x Foreign Waves International x Stephanie Montani

3. LTtheMonk x DopeChief x DopeChief x Stephanie Montani

4. LTtheMonk x Judy La Rocca x Designs By Mallory x Stephanie Montani

5. LTtheMonk x Clear Eyes Collective x Batik Boutik x Stephanie Montani

6. LTtheMonk x Burnt Toast Creative x ParkfromCC x Stephanie Montani


Stickers sold as a full set of 6.

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